Meet My...Sewing Room

This is part of my ongoing "meet my" segment...

So today, meet my...sewing room.

Here's the straight truth: I don't like the act of sewing.
I hate reading patterns.
I cannot think in three dimensions.
I have very little patience.
BUT I love dressing up and looking pretty. And I'm poor. And I have basic sewing skills and a lot of fabric (thanks to Lorenza y Gabriella). So I sew stuff.

(I love having natural light in this room, even if it's foot level with the outside)

I have, at any given time, around a dozen projects that I have started but not finished. Yet.

(my reminder to stop feeling guilty for all those unfinished projects)

I have my fabric stored in bins by color, as that's the primary element of any outfit that I dream up.

I no longer attend as many costume events these days, so I'm trying to transition to everyday garb.

I would ultimately love to get a rolling costume cart in here, and keep all my costumes and accessories along with this stuff.

I have vintage costume pieces from my ancestors. I would love to use them, but I'm paranoid about them falling apart. Someday I may use them as display art pieces in my bedroom or something.

(I should be sewing something every day, to tackle those piles of started projects. Ugh!)

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