Shoe Lust Saturday


I'm not a huge shoe person, because my weird feet fit oddly (and I've had three- count 'em, THREE- shoewear-related injuries that hobbled me for a week or more), so I don't wear them.
But oh, I like looking at them.

My favs this week:
I'm a sucker for those Victorian button-ups, and I adore the color.

Gorgeous purple Fluevogs. I am in lust with 80% of the shoes John Fluevog makes. *lesigh*

More Fluevog, which I've been told last forever. Which is good, because they cost a pretty penny.

Doesn't this Fluevog just SCREAM Flapper Girl?

It seems like the heel would be uncomfortable, but I love the scrollwork. Plus, this shoe carries my name!

Speaking of Flapper's an historic pair that survived. The devil is in the details!

And this LUV Footwear flat I won- YAY! I do enjoy a comfy shoe:

What's YOUR shoe lust this week??

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