The Nail Files and the Itty Bitty Beauty Swap

I'm trying to be more 'girly'. Corporate 'girly', actually. I'm focusing more on diverse daytime office makeup looks, office-appropriate attire, and of course, nails. Eventually I want to experiment with nail art, but for now I'm getting the hang of wearing nail polish that doesn't end up smudged with a fingerprint and some scratches.

This week it's...
Ulta Nail Lacquer in "Oh!"

The shade is really, really sheer (that's 3 coats on my nails, plus top and base coats).
It's a pretty peachy/golden pink that would work well with a French manicure, and only one coat. 
I'm sorry my color contrast adjustment isn't good enough to show the color here, and that I'm not holding the was an itty bitty freebie, so difficult to show up in my giant hands.

Also, speaking of's time for another Chaotic Goddess Swap! Wahoo!

You will be matched up with a partner and will exchange packages of beauty-themed goodies!
The package must be between $15 and $25 before shipping and must include at least 5 items.
This makes it a less expensive and smaller swap, so possibly cheaper to ship, too!

Signups are now through May 9th....AND there's a giveaway going on, too!

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