Literary Friday: The Voyage of Lucy P. Simmons

Synopsis according to Goodreads:
"An enchanted flute that vibrates when danger is near, sparkling mist that unlocks a drawer of family secrets, and a bookcase that expands to conceal her hiding place—these are the bits of magic Lucy P. Simmons has experienced since her parents drowned at sea.

The magic is helping Lucy keep her house—Father's beloved "ship on shore"—out of the hands of her greedy uncle Victor. Lucy thinks the magic is coming from Marni, a mysterious woman who seems to be one with the sea itself . . . and who bears a striking resemblance to the mythical siren in the painting in Father's study.

Together, Lucy and Marni devise a plan to stop Uncle Victor's conniving ways. In the process, Lucy makes unexpected friends and discovers that courage may be the most powerful magic of all. But will it be enough to prevail in the face of her evil uncle?

The Voyage of Lucy P. Simmons is a thoroughly enjoyable middle-grade novel, appropriate for 7-14 year olds. This book is a lovely and imaginative adventure, complete with (unresolved) mystery and magic, and a bit of mayhem. 

Considering the sheer volume of unanswered questions by the end of the book, I assume it's the first in a series (I am hoping for it to be, anyway, and for the series to be as moving as the Gregor the Overlander series was for me). 

Lucy is a very likeable character who has all the hallmarks of a budding heroine. I look forward to joining her on her continuing adventures in the Victorian-era nautical world that Mariconda has created.

I recommend this book for lovers of middle-grade fiction, especially that of the adventure-type, with female protagonists. It would be a great book to read with your child!

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