Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara Review

Hello, lovelies! 
I have a new (hitting-the-shelves-soon) product to share here for you:
Rimmel London's Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
Yes, the name is ridiculous and awkward. But the product isn't.

Here's my quick YouTube demo of it. The audio decided not to record, so I overlaid Bond's "Bella Donna" instead. It seemed appropriate.

The long and short is this:
As a mascara, it definitely defines each strand from base to tip, making my lashes look super duper lengthy. It's not too thick, and it would take 2-3 coats to make my lashes look "date night" thick. But one coat works just fine for daytime wear.

It's lightweight enough that my lashes don't feel bogged down. BUT this is not a waterproof or smudge-roof mascara. So...don't rub your eyes.

As for the lengthening properties, Rimmel claims that wearing this mascara every day for at least 30 days will result in noticeable lengthening of lashes, as a growth serum is part of the chemical makeup of it. I am skeptical, but haven't worn it for 30 days in a row yet so...we shall see!

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