July Goals

June Goals Recap
  • Make more romance-inspired jewelry <-- FAIL. Too busy.
  • Co-host the Books 'n' Bloggers Swap at CGSwaps
  • Read at least 3 books this month
  • Continue gardening daily <-- FAIL. Garden is a FAIL.
  • Continue experimenting with eye and nail looks
  • Do weekly date nights with Fedora
  • Apply to at least 20 more jobs <--- FAIL ('cuz I GOT a job!)
  • Take business course <-- FAIL (see above)

July Goals

So, technically I sucked on goals but it was largely because I've been crazy busy with a new job, rehearsals for Guys & Dolls (performing in August), and being the Volunteer Coordinator for Twelfth Night Productions. And those are all happy, lovely things.

(Except for the garden...I didn't stay on top of it, and now it's a massive weed jungle that needs bombing. I may have just typed "bomb" there to get the attention of the NSA.)

(NSA: I need something that kills aggressive grasses and weeds, forever good and dead, but won't kill the soil completely....you guys have this tech, I know it. Can I borrow some, please? Thanks!)

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