Literary Friday: The Between Boyfriends Book

Synopsis according to GoodReads:
"Cindy Chupack takes a hilarious look at love, dating-and not dating-in this witty, truthful and utterly charming book. Tackling topics such as "sexual sorbet" (the first man you sleep with after a breakup), "the VISA defense" (the claim, usually invoked by men, that 'I paid, therefore I am innocent') and "eggsistential crisis" (a panic attack, common among women in their late thirties), The Between Boyfriends Book is as reassuring as that late-night post-date phone call to a best friend. It says: you may be single, but you are not alone."

Here's a lovely short, funny book that any woman who has dated past the age of 25 can relate to. Despite not being currently single, I found myself alternately nodding in agreement, shaking my head ruefully, and laughing out loud. I zipped through it in about two hours and enjoyed it very much. 

I suspect if I were still single I would feel heartened by The Between Boyfriends Book: A Collection of Cautiously Hopeful Essays. As it was, they left me feeling part of a larger group of women who have struggled with the harsh realities of dating. And, of course, mirthful from laughing so much.

I recommend this book for any woman who has ever tried to find The One post-college (especially if that quest continued into her thirties, and most especially if it continued into her thirties and she's a professional, career woman).

(And special thanks to Aubrey, for gifting me this book in the Books 'n' Bloggers swap back in January!)

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