Red Carpet Posing

So you're attending a movie premier, or maybe you're in a bridal party, or you're on a hot date, or anywhere someone is taking a picture of you, and you want to make the most of how sexy you do you pose so that the camera removes ten pounds instead of adding it?

  1. Cross one leg in front of the other. This, like princess seams, draws attention to your body vertically, creating a slimming and taller look. 

  2. Go on point. If you aren't wearing heels already, pose on your toes. This elongates your body and makes your calves taut, accenting the booty.

  3. Don't let your arms get in the way. Let them hang loosely at your sides, or hold someone's hand, or put them above your head/fixing your hair, etc. Crossing them against or in front of your body creates the visual illusion that you are wider than you are.

  4. Turn 3/4 to the camera. Just remember that flat = fat. This is where that 'camera adds ten pounds' thing comes from. Facing a camera straight-on will make you 2D instead of 3D, flattening your torso to make it appear wide. Instead, turn three-quarters toward the camera, which not only slims you but also adds a dynamic movement to the shot, like you're a wild animal caught in the act of sauntering away. Tres sexy.

  5. Shoulders back, chin untucked. When your shoulders are relaxed and back (i.e. you're standing up straight), your ribcage is lifted. This makes your breasts appear perkier and your tummy appear slimmer. When your chin is more raised than tucked, your neck looks longer and your face looks more slender. Win win!

  6. Smile. I don't know who decided to spread the lie that looking pissed off or bored on film is sexy but they were dead wrong. A smile, a genuine one, lights up your face and brings attention to YOU, as opposed to a body part. It also adds to that 'in action' dynamic.

So there you go, you are now ready for that Red Carpet appearance! Whether you're wearing Versace or Goodwill, I guarantee you will be looking fabulous if you keep these tips in mind while posing.

P.S. Don't forget that a camera flash will shine through thinner layers of clothing as if they don't exist, so if your slinky dress is also even slightly see-through, plan ahead with appropriate undergarments....and never underestimate the power of shaping garments (i.e. Spanx).

*These are not my photos, and I'm not claiming them as mine...please don't sue.

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