Shoe Lust Saturday


How about a little history lesson about heels?

Once upon a time (in Venice, Italy) courtesans made it fashionable to wear chopines. These chopines were platforms that one slipped into (with ballet flats on, essentially) to walk through the streets. Because of their height, they made walking a slow procession that often required the assistance of maids, BUT they also put you head-and-shoulders above the crowd, therefore easy to shine and stand out from the crowd. Hence, more business for the courtesans.

Here's an extant pair of chopines:
(Venetian, circa 1600)

And here's how we know the past is still alive today:
(Christian Louboutin)

(Guo Pei)

(Alexander McQueen)

(Giuseppe Zanotti)

Yep! History shapes the present, even with heels.

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