Bored on a Sunday? So am I.
Except not, because Fedora and I are on a date today to the SciFi Museum, and then I have a sitzprobe rehearsal for Guys & Dolls. (yeah, I didn't know what it was, either)

Ricki Jill tagged me with A to Z questions.

Attached or single?

Best friend?
Fedora, Staci, my mom.

Cake or pie?
Cake if it's done well and not out of the box. Fruit pie if it's fresh, real fruit.

Day of choice?
Saturday- I can sleep in AND stay out late.

Essential item?
Lip balm.

Favorite color?
Teal, or any version of blue+green.

Gummy bears or worms?
Sour worms.

Well, I was born in Fairfax, VA, but I moved to Vista, CA (San Diego County) when I was a few months old.

Good food and good coffee. See also: necessity.

January or July?
January. July is always so busy that I get a social hangover, and the heat often bothers me, as do the allergies. January is more low-key, with plenty of snuggles. And snow!

Not now, (probably) not ever.

Life isn't complete without?

Marriage date?
TBD. *ahem*

Number of brothers and sisters?
2 brothers, older.

Oranges or apples?
Apples- the tart/sour green kind.

Swarming insects that cause pain, like wasps. Being eaten alive.

Pretty much anything that came from Oscar Wilde, Mae West, or River Song.

Reasons to smile?
Fedora, Fat Joe's antics, the high I get from performing, the beauty in the natural world around me, any and all accomplishments, being loved and being loving, and having future plans to plan for.

Season of Choice?
Autumn. Mostly. This seems to change every few years, for me.

Tag Five People.
Because I love you, and don't want you to be bored:

Unknown fact about me.
I'm a fan of the 1980's Beauty and the Beast TV show. Fellow romantic folk will remember this as the one with Ron Perlman, Linda Hamilton, etc in it that was about 20 years ahead of its time and was cancelled after 3 seasons. Yes, in fact, I am a huge dork.

Asparagus. Or broccoli. Or garlic. Or mushrooms. The list is long!

Worst habit?
Over-commiting myself, not saying "no".

X-ray or Ultrasound?
The ultrasounds I've had have been far, far cooler than the X-rays (and more interactive!).

Zodiac Sign?
Virgo, on the Leo cusp. I think it fits, given my tendency toward organization and anal retentiveness. However, I'm not the typical "fit gal" that Virgos are supposed to be, and I enjoy being the center of attention. Blame my inner lioness!