Local Flavor Blog Swap Show-Off

Did you join us for the Local Flavor Swap?

The concept here was to get a partner from another part of the country, who could introduce you to her area via swapping! I went a little crazy trying to include something that represented all of the awesomeness that is Seattle for my fab partner, Kaylee.

Kaylee blogs over at Chair in the Shade, where she muses about life, books, crafting, and good food. She's a fan of the "stay at home, relax, enjoy life" modality (as am I), and I've been having a blast stalking her blog.
Oh, and she's in WI (Wis-can-sen!), land of cheese, Great Lakes, history, and more!

Check out the awesome goodies she sent me, from her area:

Apparently, this state magnet has had the same design for 20 years. Really, WI, you had me at 'cheese'.

A chocolatier 2 hours from her house (these did not survive the night...yumyum!)

Green Bay Packers colors! You know if I'm going to be in WI, I better go in sports-camoflauge, to blend in. Candie's is 3-free nail polish, which is awesome, and that green hue is just darling.

A pretty blue scarf from a local shop, and a carved wooden mixing spoon with a little whimsical fox on it! Apparently, foxes roam the mean streets of her town, threatening cats (not as cute as seeing them on spoons, I imagine). I can't wait to use this with baking, for added sweetness!

Local company cranberry raspberry jam! Did you know that WI has the highest production of cranberries in the USA? How cool!
(we've been eating jam like it's going out of style, so this is well timed!)

And a note explaining each item...yay matroyshka dolls! 

Fat Joe (aside from facepalming, as seen here) hopes Kaylee's kitties stay safe from roving foxes. He also asked for some of the chocolate.

Thanks, Kaylee- someday, I may get to visit WI (I know I'll be in MN next July, at least). I've had my eyes on cheese, but now I know to grab cranberries while there....and I'll be wearing my swanky Packers nail polish colors!

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