PJ Party Swap Reveal

So Angie and I recently hosted the PJ Party Swap over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps...and it was a blast!
I was paired with Chloe at All That Good Stuff.  She's living her twenties the way I never did, and hilarious about it. She's delightfully outspoken and carefree, and I had SO so much fun shopping for her (and imagining what we'd do if having a slumber party).

Also, she's got a wicked fun sense of humor, and is totally generous. Check out what she got for me:

South of France "Cashmere Honeysuckle" soap, Bodycology "Enchanted Forest" lotion, Village Naturals "Stress & Tension" shower gel, and bath salts. Time for some serious pamper time over here!

Whoppers (YAY! I love these things, especially when watching movies, and Fedora hates them so I get them all to myself...muahahahahahaha!), and imPRESS nails. You know I tried imPRESS before and was not very thrilled, but these ones are gorgeous, all swirly brown and silver, so I'm stoked to try them out!

Naughty Dice! The stupid glare obliterated them, but they're foreplay dice that you roll for *ahem* party games. Not that we need that kind of prompting, Fedora and I, but I'm planning on bringing them to parties and making people blush. 

Gorgeously soft, blue sleeping tank (with built-in bra!) and shorts. 

And a pretty blue and green lingerie-style nightgown. Fedora's eyes lit up when he saw this (tip: to get your man excited about new nightgowns, be sure to sleep most nights in an oversized t-shirt, until he is hungering for you to wear something feminine.)

Thank you so much, Chloe- I love everything and have already started enjoying it all!

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