The Random Number Survey

You want another (bookish) meme? You got it!

This comes from Melissa @ Harley Bear Book Blog.
How to participate:
1. Pick a number.
Keep in mind how many books you have.  If you have one bookshelf like me you may want to keep it between 1-10.  If you're like Book BFF Angela and have a bunch of bookshelves you may want to pick between a higher range like 1-50. 
I used and got the # 8!
2. Go to your bookshelf and count that many books until you reach your number. Answer the question with that book.
(I counted 8 books in and got Delirium).  So I used Delirium to answer question 1. 
3. Count the same number of books from where you left off and answer the next question.
Then I counted 8 more books after Delirium and got The Evolution of Mara Dyer and used that book to answer question 2.  You get the idea...

(I got 10, and as my bookshelf is entirely stocked with books I haven't read yet, I used my Goodreads 'read' shelf)

1. What do you think of the cover?
I think it doesn't look like the Hri Sora described in the book, so I assumed at first it was another character. It's very literal- a scene from the book- which I don't often like. But it's also a bit bad-ass, with that burning alive thing going on there.

2. Write a review in 140 characters or less.
A non-stop thrill ride adventure with deep scifi questions about the nature of humanity; made me weep like a baby, multiple times. 

3. How or where did you get this book?
I think the library.
Gods, I love the library.

4. Who’s your favorite character in this book and why?
Really, there's only one character in this story (Zoe), as I always though her beau was a figment of her imagination. And I frankly did not care for her, so....*shrug*.

5. Recommend this book to a fellow blogger you think would like it.
Hrmm...who among you enjoys sweet, quick, historical romance? Candace?

6. How long ago did you read this book?
November 6th, 2012

7. Name a favorite scene from this book (NO SPOILERS).
Uhm...the entire book. 
One scene? OK, the scene where the pig inseminators have to turn the sows on for better fertility rates. Just kind of hilarious.

8. Open to page 87 and pick a random quote to share (NO SPOILERS)
"How much do they deduct from your fee for every..."contestant" you take down?"

9.  How did you hear about or discover this book?
I read Going Bovine and LOVED it, so I picked this one up as soon as I could, assuming Libba Bray just rocks.

10.  If you could redesign the cover what would you do?
I wouldn't- I love this cover. It's soft, and snowy, and filled with pretty much captures the major elements of the story. If you forced me to change something about it, I might make the girl more photo-real, though obscured. Just for mystery.

11.  Name your least favorite character in this book and why?
Alexia's mom. She's underdeveloped as a character, mainly used as a tool, but also a total meanie.

12. Fill in the blank.  If you like _meta stories_ then you should try (This Book).

13.  Name one cool thing about this book (under the dust jacket, map, font, photograph, etc.)
It looks 3D, like a note atop a book cover.

14. Where is it set and would you ever want to visit that world/place.
Buckshaw, England. Absolutely!

15. Who is it dedicated to?
Sadly, I can't find this information. 

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