Thrift Swap Recap

Lovely Little Whimsy hosted a Thrifty Love Gift Exchange recently, for which we go thrift store shopping and garage sale shopping for our partner. This is mad fun, as you can find truly unique items for not so much dough.

This all happened right before I left for Cleveland, so I'm a bit behind in posting....and if she does it again, I hope we get 3-4 weeks to comb through garage sales, as the ones here in Seattle are somewhat l-a-m-e.

Anyway, I was paired with the awesome Hayley (who has no blog but SHOULD, given her vintage style, good book sense, and Pinterest-esque home design ideas). I tried like the dickens to find her some bird things, metal S's or 6's, etc....but alas, two weekends of Seattle garage sales were not enough. What I really needed was 3 weekends of estate find everything at those suckers.

Anyway, I sent her a box I could be proud of, and she sent me this little beauty:
(heehee....from Texas, y'all)

(Blue Mason Jar sippy cup, with instant lemonade)

(Blue teacup with Texas-flavored coffee from a San Antonio roaster!)

(Old spoon-style whisk and glass jar for our collection)

(A hand rake hoe thingy)

So I got stuff for my tummy, my kitchen, and my yard.
Thanks, Hayley!

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