Woolzies Review

What the heck are Woolzies???

Woolzies are hand-sized packed balls of 100% New Zealand sheep's wool. You toss them in the dryer with your wet clothes, and they reduce drying time by 25% (saving you energy and money), soften fabric, and reduce static & wrinkles.

Woolzies also have a money-back guarantee, and last for at least 1,000 loads (making them well worth the purchase price). They have no chemicals, and are hypoallergenic so are safe for folks with allergies/sensitivities....even those with wool sensitivities!

Plus, they're soft (we've been calling them Sheep Balls around here). If they start pilling, you can toss them in a thin sock, wash them in hot water, and then continue using them. They don't absorb or give off smells, and they don't make loud noises in the dryer as they work. In fact, they're quieter than the whiffle-ball-style dryer ball I had in there before these little guys.

(Woolzies in my dryer)

Why bother?
Woolzies are better for the environment than standard dryer sheets or plastic dryer balls:

In short, they save you time and money, and they're good for the environment (you can compost them when they start falling apart!).

I used them, and timed my dryer cycle. With both heavy fabrics (Fedora's jeans, towels) and thinner fabrics (my blouses, sheets) the laundry came out less wrinkled than usual, equally soft as before, FAR less staticky than usual, and the dryer time was about 35% less than usual.

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