Bad Kitties Can Still Hack Blogs

Hello, internet people.

I'm making one last post here, my farewell tour. If I cared about such things, I'd say you were great adoring fans. Not enough cheese offerings, but otherwise you're pretty okay.

And I'll be honest with you- I like that. Having fans. Aside from Dad and Not-Dad, who were more like...contemporaries. With thumbs.

Anyway, I've been pretty absent from this blog, dealing with some health stuff. I had to stick around for a few more weeks than I expected to, because obviously Dad and Not-Dad can't function without me. I mean honestly- they don't even groom themselves with their tongues. Sick, right?

So I gave them a bit more time to figure themselves out. But eventually, ya gotta leave the nest. Er, recliner. 
You have to move on to that place-beyond-a-place, where cheese springs from the grass, the birds are slow and fat, and nobody even thinks about touching your stomach.

So this is me, saying ciao to you lovely folks, as I take my departure from Dad, Not-Dad, and this earthly plane. It's been real, kids.

This is Fat Joe, signing off.

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