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Have you folks heard about
It's a greeting card company that allows you to fully personalize your messages, with photos, text, even alignment!

It's super easy to use, and they have a decent array of cards for every occasion and holiday, from funny to sweet to random.

Fedora's birthday is coming up, so I decided to use their service to make his card....which, as it turned out, was CHEAPER than a Hallmark card from the store. Wow!

It was easy to browse through the birthday cards until I found one that I liked. Looks how many design options it gave me!

In the design window, I had fun uploading a photo (you can also select from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc) and arranging things. (I love the wooden worktable background, too!)

Truly personalized! I was able to add photos, and had the option (for free) to add more photos to the left side of the card, or re-arrange the layout to my liking.

You can send it anywhere (for postage cost) or to yourself (if hand-delivering). You can even delay the sending to a selected date (which I did, so Fedora could have some happy mail).

All of this came to $3.65 (would have been $2.99 if I had it delivered to me).
The last time I bought a similar-sized birthday card, without a personalized photo or message, from the store, it cost over $4. 

I will definitely be using this Christmas, and probably for my brother's wedding card, and any other card-type occasions!

Also, they have regular deals and discounts, like 30% off everything, or $3 off a purchase of $10.

*I received a free card in exchange for my honest product review. 

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