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Today I'm speaking to my Seattle peeps (ok, Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, St Paul, Atlanta, DC, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco lovelies, you can join in the fun).

You know how you're out somewhere and you're too intoxicated, sick, or exhausted to drive safely, but you don't want to call a cab because they are generally driven by men and sometimes getting in a car with a male stranger can be a little scary?

Or how you need a ride to the airport, but the shuttle is astronomically expensive?

Or how you break down on the road and need a ride but your AAA membership just expired?

Lyft is here to help.

What's Lyft?
Lyft is a car livery service, a new kind of non-metered taxi, that you can both be a driver for, or a passenger of.
Services in Seattle begin at 7am during the week, 9am on the weekends, and continue until 1am (or 3am on Fridays and Saturdays).

  1. You can download the app for iPhone or Android, then create an account and link it to your credit or debit card.
  2. When you need a ride, open the app and it will configure your location from GPS (handy if you're in unfamiliar turf!) and let you know who and where the nearest drivers are.
  3. You request a Lyft, from one of their certified, background-checked, insured, 23+ year old drivers.
  4. You get an image of that driver and their car, so you know what to look for!
  5. No money exchanges hands- it's all done through the app, including tip for the driver. So you don't have to have cash on you, or fear that you'll get mugged by the driver for your cash.

Yes, the cars all have pink mustaches.

Bonus- you can rate the drivers, which adds an element of trust.

But how much do they charge?
Brace decide.

That's right! The app loads suggested donation amounts, which is generally less than the fare for comparable livery services. You can adjust the amount depending on your experience and what you feel is fair.

Still not convinced? You can try Lyft, right now, with a $20 credit (just for being an awesome reader of mine, and reading all the way to the end of the post).

Just download the app and use the code SOCIALSEA for your $20 credit!

(Not in Seattle? Lyft may be coming to your city soon! Follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook to see the news)

*Lyft offered me a $50 voucher for their services in exchange for my honest product review, and for sharing the news about this new service.

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