Diamond Candles Review + Giveaway

I recently got a Diamond Candle for review here, from the company. And lovelies, I was over the moon about it!

I've wanted a Diamond Candle for over two years now. It's hard to justify buying a huge candle when you could use that money for, ya know, rent, so I put it on my wishlist and waited.

I really wanted to try Pomegranate Lemonade, which sounds heavenly to me...but apparently it IS heavenly, because they were sold out. So I got the next best thing- Vanilla Lime!

For those who don't know, Diamond Candles are 21 oz. hand-crafted soy wax pillar candles that each contain a ring worth $10-$5,000. They vary in scent from floral to fruity to foodie and more, and burn for 125-160 hours.

The Scent: Vanilla Lime was far more lime than vanilla, but it smelled like real lime, not cleanser-scent. It was strong, even before burning, but they have a lid so I could regulate how much I wanted the scent to permeate the house. Amazingly, the scent got less powerful once I burned the candle. I can burn it for hours now, and it's very subtle.

The Burn Time: It took about 10 hours of burning, total, before I could get the ring out. As you can see, the ring is close to the top, so I'd estimate there's another 80 hours of burn time left in it (at least).

Other: I could see the foil packet on the side of the candle. At first, I was bummed at knowing how far I'd have to go to get that little jewel. But then I realized that anticipation works both ways!

And of course, the ring reveal video:

And check out the glass container- what should I make with that gorgeousness once the candle is done burning? Hrmm....

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