Doing The Puyallup

I've lived in Seattle for nearly 6 years now and (much to my shame) I haven't made it to the State Fair in Puyallup.
Until now.

This is what champion over-sized pumpkins look like.

Huge, ugly, and probably flavorless....but did we mention huge?
(Honestly, I don't understand the appeal...)

Despite a few downpours, mom and I attended and had a lot of fun. We played a carnival game (I had my sights set on a plush sea turtle...alas! It was not to be), skipped all of the rides (we're too breakable), and saw every animal. 

A blue-eyed alpaca! I want one.

I also discovered that I am highly allergic to hay! Every time we went into a barn, I started sneezing uncontrollably.

We also visited the Pig Palace (mom loves pigs)

These little guys were only 1 week old!

I just wanted to climb in and snuggle with them.

And, of course, we ate a ton of fried, nasty-delicious fair food! (Including Fisher scones, because that's what you do a the Puyallup State Fair).

Didn't actually try this, because I *like* my arteries.

It's a big rig BBQ.

No, seriously. A big rig, and the entire truck area is a BBQ!

What IS a bacon dog? I didn't ask.


If reading this list doesn't make you feel slightly nauseated, smelling this booth will.
I wanted to try the bacon-wrapped jalepenos, but the line was too long.

My oldest bro and I used to joke that, at the SoCal Country Fair, in Del Mar, you could find anything fried, and on a stick. The challenge was to find the most disgusting fried-on-a-stick item.
All day in Puyallup I looked and looked, and while there was plenty of fried, there was no "on a stick". 

Bless her heart, she had to thread each potato slice onto a stick, to fry.

So that's proof that the Puyallup Fair is fun, festive, and fried (on a stick)!

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