Duck Tape Diva

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

Duck Tape® is something we're all familiar with, right? That awesome packaging tape that comes in pretty colors and patterns? Several of you have used it to seal up swap boxes, adding a bit of pizazz for your partner.

It's definitely a must-have for your back-to-school shopping list. Just think of all the things you can slap a pretty printed bit of Duck Tape® on!

But you can also use it to make fun items: a clutch, a bracelet, to cover clipboards or soap dispensers, or my favorite, roses. Here's a project that can liven up the table without setting off pesky allergies, being eaten by pets, doesn't require a breakable glass with spillable water. I'm pretty sure I'd have swooned in high school if a boy gave me a bouquet of Duck Tape® roses (c'mon, romantic AND handy? win-win!)

You'll need: A drinking straw (for the stem), Duck Tape® in your choice of color (sure, red is realistic, but what about blue-and-purple leopard print?)

Step 1. Roll the straw lengthwise in green Duck Tape® to create your stem.

Step 2. Cut a 2" square and fold the top right corner over (sticky side against sticky side) like you're making a paper airplane.

Step 3. Fold the corner across from it over as well, so you have a triangle of nonsticky showing against the lower rectangle of sticky.

Step 4. Tightly roll this piece, one side to another, so that the sharp "point" is on the left side, the blunt side is on the right. This is the rose center.

Step 5. Tape the rose center onto the stem.

Step 6. Repeat, slightly overlapping the petals to keep the tips even, until you reach the desired size of the rose.

Step 7. To make leaves, use the same color tape as the stem, and make two pieces (steps 2 & 3) and attach them to the stem.

Doesn't that look awesome?? I can't wait to make one! (Photos and tutorial courtesy of Duck Tape®)

Want your own? You can buy Duck Tape at Walmart. It comes in tons of colors, prints, college football team symbols, mini rolls, and more!

And you can find plenty of other tutorials for fun projects when you follow @TheDuckBrand on Twitter. 

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