Eye Spy

This week's look...

NYC's White on my browbone
Mineral Basic's Mermaid over my inner top lid
Mineral Basic's Chocolate Drizzle over my outer top lid
Rimmel London's Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara on top and bottom lashes

I went simple, but dramatic. One intense accent color (blue) plus neutral (brown). I could have added more variants of the neutral town, and made a smokey eye or layered for a more polished look...but screw it, sometimes I'm in a rush.

A tip: If you haven't noticed before now, this is a lot of different looks from a small amount of eye shadows. The trick is to be willing to play with hues. Neutrals are a good buffer if, say, you want to wear purple but are afraid of looking like a 21 year old at a goth club. Try it as a liner. Try it as an accent color. Get yourself used to wearing color. And then have fun! You don't need a lot of eyeshadow (or money) to have a variety of makeup looks.

More inspiring looks can be found on my Pinterest Board!

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