Favorite Color Swap Recap

I have been very much looking forward to the Favorite Color Swap. 
The Swapoween (our first swap) and the 12 Days of Christmas (our most cheer-bringing swap) will always hold special places on our hearts....but the Favorite Color Swap is a very easy one to start off with. It's one of the least-expensive swaps we host, and there's such a wide array of items you can buy/make in your partner's favorite color, that everyone ends up happy.

And I am no exception to the rule, with that!

I was paired with Stephanie from Be So Happy (a philosophy I definitely support). In addition to being a perky, diverse, this-gal-would-be-a-buddy-if-we-lived-in-the-same-town kinda blogger, Stephanie has the world's most adorable dog, Walter.

AND she sent me a fun package! In times past, I've been all about the teal. But lately, I'm drawn more and more to mint green, Tiffany's blue, and darker bluey-greens. Check out what she found for me...

An adorable mint-green coin purse with attached birdie and Sinful Color's "Mint Apple" (a mint green with silver sparklies!) nail polish.

Mint green socks that I've already worn!

A pretty lined journal (can never have too many of these!) and blue/green duct tape! I was just whining the other day about how there are all these pretty Duct tapes and I can't afford to buy them all, to use in swaps and happy mail. Wahooo!

Thanks, Stephanie- you're a fantastic swap partner, and I hope you join Chaotic Goddess Swaps again!

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