I've Been Thinking...

I have a very full (read: every single day) batch of posts for this blog in October. Some are giveaways, some are my regular memes. Some are sponsored reviews of varying entertainment value. 

So I wanted to take a moment today and cover some personal thoughts, issues, plans, etc. I mean, this blog isn't corporate, it's personal. And sometimes, in my mad rush to share recipes and useful things with y'all, I forget that there's supposed to be a conversation happening here.

I haven't been letting my geek flag fly. In fact, part of me wonders if I'm actually blogging in my own voice here, considering how few personal things I share. Or rather, what type of personal things I share.

I'm also considering posting book reviews 2-3 times per week during November. Once a week just isn't enough, considering the pace I read at (while unemployed), and I thought I might do a 'reading blitz' kind of thing. What do you guys think?

I'm also considering putting up a regular poll to get YOUR input on what you want me to read next (out of a choice of 5 possible books). Not that this is becoming a book blog, but....well, honestly, I can't decide what to read next. The list is too long!

So that's the State of the Union Blog as it stands today. Do give me feedback if you think I'm posting too much of one thing, too little of another, if you have an opinion on the above-mentioned book stuff, etc. I can't always answer all comments, but I do try, and I DEFINITELY welcome your opinions.

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