Musical Monday: Beth Gets Hooked on Macklemore

Musical Mondays
I've been hearing about this Macklemore (& Ryan Lewis) guy for some time, but I was told he was a rapper, so I had no interest in hearing him.

Except.....I then saw a PSA he did for the Lady Washington (who is an awesome tallship that does all the things my Adventuress does) and I thought I better check into this sweet guy's gig.

I'm sharing two songs, as one was a "spot the locale" video of fun (look! Humboldt? look! the ID! look! Tacoma Narrows!), that also happens to contain a very attractive Owuor Arunga with a (silver!!) trumpet. AND the Lady Washington. I squee, my friends. I squee.

And then I must share this one, because it made me cry. Sometimes that happens, and I don't know exactly why, but it's kind of a big deal when it does.

Oh, ok, ONE more. This one has cussing in it, so it's NSFW. However. It's also tongue-in-cheek hilarious. And honestly, this is how you can tell Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are proud PNW boys.

Seattle fashion can best be described as the Bag Lady Thrift Store look- thanks to weather, we layer, and thanks to our eco-consciousness, we recycle. Some people rock it (I am still learning Thrift Shop Fu, personally), but it's definitely a moment of awesome when you find THE THING....and it's 50 cents.

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