Musical Monday: Roar

Musical Mondays

I'm not a huge fan of Katy Perry's music, as in general it's too repetitive/pop/juvenile for my ears. However, I give her props for this simple anthem- we can always use an "I rose above my ex's destructive tendencies" song. I only wish I heard more of those when I was younger and going through my own dark times.

Also, where's the island where I can have my exes eaten by tigers? I know of at least 3 of them that need that treatment, for the good of humankind.

*I think her outfits in this are ridiculous, for the record. As is the "I'm wearing makeup but looking like I'm not". I've seen both done better BUT her music videos are usually brightly-colored silliness, so I assume these were deliberate choices. I LOVE the glowing eyes/fireflie sequence...and the elephant bath sequence.

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