Wino Wednesday


Oh my gods, you guys....I can't even....I' blown.
Y'all remember this post where I referenced that Sideways quote that describes my attitude toward merlot?

This is Terra Blanca winery's 2007 Signature Series Merlot.
And it is amazeballs.

Spicy/peppery, with a hint of tart on the end, plenty of body and great color....
It's a merlot.
And it's great.

Not that this fluke awesome wine from a winery that has yet to produce a red I don't love will change my mind on Merlot in general.
But I can no longer say I hate all Merlot. On fact, I can't even refuse to try Merlot as a general rule anymore, given how blind-sided I was about this one.

Did I mention it's tasty?
If you have any Terra Blanca in your neighborhood wine shop, I highly recommend investing in a bottle. I actually toured their vineyard last year and they're one of those "pricey, but so worth it" wineries that constitutes special occasion wine
("But Beth," you say, "ALL wine is appropriate for special occasions!" Too true. But for the weddings and birthday and sanctioned holidays, this is your winery- no weeping-with-girlfriends or ill-fated wine floats for this goodness!)

Anyway, that's my PSA for you wine-lovers out there. Happy drinking!

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