Eye Spy

Ricki Jill and Shelley inspired me to try something new and fun....eyeshadow looks that reflect pro-football teams! I'm not a huge football fan, but I like the concept of subtly showing your team spirit with office-appropriate makeup.

Since they were chatting Eye Spy while watching the Saints vs Dolphins, I thought I'd start the the New Orleans Saints.
Their colors? Black, White, Old Gold.

NYC White on my browbone and inner eye corner, blended/smudged under my inner eye
Mineral Basics Hard Candy over my lid into the crease
Sweet Libertine Element tapped very lightly in a layer over Hard Candy, to create a more shiny gold tone
NYC Dark Shadows as a liner on my upper lids, and very outer lower lid
Rimmel London's Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara on top and outer bottom lashes

I had thought Hard Candy was the perfect shade, as it's "old gold" in the container. But on my eyes it was just a lifeless grey. Element to the rescue! I love how layering eyeshadows can create a new effect!

What team should I wear next week???

A tip: If you've ever heard the phrase "warm" or "cool" to describe your skin tone, and wondered which you are, try this: Look at the veins visible at your inner elbow. Are they green, or blue? If green, you have warm-toned skin. If blue, you have cool-toned skin. If both (this does happen), you are neutral and can get away with wearing shades for both....you lucky duck!

More inspiring looks can be found on my Pinterest Board!

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