Happy List

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(I'm whalloping sick right now, so the Happy List is a day late, but I'm featuring tons of giveaways this month to make up for it)

I'm happy....
That we signed a renewal lease here and I don't have to move. I am way too old for packing boxes and moving (and when did that happen? I used to move 1-3 times a year, for almost a decade!)

I'm happy...
That my crazybusyinsane volunteer and project management schedule will be blessedly clear in just 1 more week. I'm actually getting sick (no surprise there) so I'm trying to balance resting with pushing myself. Fedora keeps reminding me to relax and take it easy, but watching my to-do list grow while I do nothing is not relaxing.

I'm happy...
That the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special is happening next month. I am already making plans to watch it at my brother's. Yay!

Why do I geek out so much over The Doctor? The concept of having adventures through time and space (but especially time, because I'm a history nut) where I am somewhat safe, my humanity is my greatest strength, and seeing elements that bind together all creatures....it would renew my faith in the world.
Also, David Tenant is adorable (and the writers really shined during his tenure).

I'm not a fan of Matt Smith (and especially not a fan of the writers during his years, as they got very formulaic.....and although I adore Rory, and loved seeing a couple be companions, this entire Clara Oswald storyline feels incredibly forced. I hope that's because the writers are focusing entirely on the 50th anniversary, and making it awesome....and I am prepared to cheer for all the awesome Doctors that may pop up (although several are now deceased).

I'm happy...
That I finally got my place decorated for Halloween! Check it out:




I am happy...
That I'm getting into fly fishing. It's something I can do with my Dad, which is awesome, but it's also:
a) outdoorsy, which I love
b) requires skill and grace, which keeps me interested
c) is leading to an interest in fly-tying, which is colorful and somewhat simply and I have a lot of the equipment already
d) we can do locally!
(That was 15 years ago....Dad and I have always been fishing buddies)

I am happy...
That my unemployment finally came through! Io Hermes- I can make rent, bills, and buy my half of the groceries. Despite the Tea Party douchenozzles trying to blackmail the House, Senate, and Prez and shutting down the Federal government, the people in the branches are still working, and working hard.

I absolutely do not trust anyone in a position of power to have my interests at heart, but someone who is  also a working stiff and knows what it's like to be utterly broke, and is compassionate enough to help me? I will give them loyalty in a heartbeat.