October Goals

September Goals Recap
  • Do something great to celebrate Fedora's birthday
  • Go fly fishing with Dad
  • Open my new business for business <---FAIL. How many months am I going to be delayed??!
  • Search for a new job
  • Co-host the Favorite Color swap at Chaotic Goddess Swaps
  • Read/Listen to at least 4 books
  • Catch up on my Smashbook journaling

October Goals
  • Be better about de-stressing and allowing myself some breathing room
  • Do football-team-inspired Eye Spy posts on Thursdays
  • Open my business for business
  • Co-host Swapoween at Chaotic Goddess Swaps
  • Read/Listen to at least 4 books
  • Focus on a more personal touch with the blog (from here on out)
  • Search for a new job
  • Audition for the Miracle on 34th Street radio play
  • Help TNP's Cabaret be successful
  • Host retirement party for Dad
  • Attend the Fort Nisqually Candlelight Tour
  • Train to be a Fort Nisqually Living History docent/volunteer
  • Host 3+ giveaways on the blog

You see how many goals I have listed up there?? I must be nuts!
I can't help myself, though. I adore Autumn, October most of all.

November is typically Biblical-level rain here in Seattle, so October is the last huzzah - it's falling red leaves, occasional foggy mornings, crisp and cold air, planting time for cold-weather crops, has one of my favorite holidays in it, and is the reason for some lovely Marzen beers and Pumpkin ciders. 

Of course, we had a tornado, hail, and extremely early snow on the final day of September, so maybe October isn't going to be the gorgeous, sweet sink into cold weather that I hope for.

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