Tillicum Village, Seattle

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just wanted to share something to do in Seattle that most locals (including myself) don't know about.

It's Tillicum Village- a Native American Salmon Bake and Performance, in a recreation longhouse on Blake Island. Argosy Cruises offers a scenic cruise there (you can get to Blake Island on your own, and camp there, but I'm not sure if you can buy a ticket for the performance and meal independently of Argosy).

Recently, my mom and I went. It wasn't cheap, but it was absolutely worth it. Blake Island is gorgeously verdant, and the longhouse has art representative of all of the PNW costal tribes (from Alaska through Oregon), and history. 

The dinner was more immense than I was expecting, and delicious (and convinced me that I do, in fact, sometimes like clams). 

The performance was a treat- imagining myself at a tribal gathering a few hundred years ago made the experience all the more memorable.

View of the longhouse from the pier.

More view.

Tribal orca!

Totem poles were not typical of the coastal tribes around here, but erected in representation of the multitude of tribes.

I have never seen this particular style of art before.

Another new art style for me.

LOVED this falcon!

It's...some sort of bony fish. A salmon? This is where they bake them.

Mask carving, in action. Check out the detail!

More mask carving in progress.

The back area of the Longhouse...ideal for a wedding location! 

This is Tlingit style art (which my tattoo is, as well).
I love it forever and ever.

Blake Island...very lush!

More Blake Island. Sorry, it was a dark, rainy, overcast day.

Blake Island from the pier.

Looking toward home (West Seattle). You could draw a straight line from Blake Island to the Fauntleroy Ferry terminal, a mile west of my house!

In short, I recommend Tillicum Village for anyone living around the Sound, as well as visitors to the area. The cruise over was very informative. The only thing I'd do differently is take the first cruise of the day over, and stay a few hours to explore the walking paths on the island, and take the late cruise home!

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