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1.) Do you have a good memory?
Quite the opposite. I've the memory of a goldfish.

2.) Share a memory you have from when you were 10 or younger.
I was playing tag with one of my brothers, and family friends. When my brother was It, I was more motivated by not getting tagged than my survival instincts. 

All of us ran to the fort with a zipline, and started ziplining across the ravine. I was last in line. My brother was close enough to touch my shoulder, so instead of waiting for the zipline to return, I jumped for it.

I distinctly remember feeling it under my palms, and then slipping right off those handles. And then nothing. I don't remember the fall, whether or not I screamed, the impact.....my next memory is laying face up on the driveway (someone must have dragged me?), and being unable to open my right eye. 

It turns out, that was because of the blood coursing down my face from the gash across my forehead.

3.) Share a memory from between the ages of 10 and 20.
My first kiss happened on a train between San Diego, and Anaheim, CA. It was a middle school band trip, and I'd made friends with (and had a crush on) DW. We'd had excellent and sparkling conversation the entire ride, and there seemed to be a sort of magic between us. So I only cringed a little bit when his best friend suggested we play Truth or Dare, and dared him to kiss me. 

It must have been a short little peck, but time warped and stretched, and I saw bursts of light behind my closed eyelids, and my heart felt like it was expanding beyond the form of my body and I was connected with every life force in the world.
And then he pulled away, and I opened my eyes, but my body still felt too full for my skin. Buoyed by the excitement, I turned toward the window and (trying to be subtle, but desperate to express myself) traced hearts in the air with my fingers. His best friend saw me, and mocked me, and then DW refused to sit near me or talk to me again. 

Days later, when I tried to ask him out (I was a bold child, even after rejection), he told me he'd been in love with my best friend and would I let her know that he liked her.

4.) Share a memory from recently that you won't forget for a long time.
When I met Fedora, 17 months ago, we were wandering around midnight at an SCA event. After about an hour, we wandered near enough to a large fire that we could see each other in detail for the first time. For him, he says he saw the way my eyes sparkle and light and that decided him. For me, I had a jolt of instant recognition, where my entire being said "Oh, it's you!", despite the fact that I knew we'd never met before. 

5.) Do you have any memories that you apparently remember differently than from what people tell you?
Everything. The truth, and memory, is entirely subjective. Every time I compare a memory with a family member who was there, we recall it differently.

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This is a great way to get to know other bloggers, get exposure for your blog, and get inspired to write.

Your Swap Objective
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