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 I recently met Zane, who blogs at Akwiinas (and also paints gorgeous silk ties for sale). Zane lives and blogs in her native Latvia, a country that I don't know much about, and have never been to. So I asked her to tell us a little about it...

(please note: all photos in this post are copyrighted to Zane)

I am Zane, almost 25 years old and I am from a little country called Latvia. As this is my first guest post, I want to introduce you all to who I am and the place I call the best place on Earth, my Latvia!

Christmas is not far away, but for a moment let’s imagine summer. Imagine countryside, far away from cities, from noisy neighborhoods or big roads. You wake up in an early morning, after a night slept in a tent next to your grandparent’s cottage. And then you realize just a little bit away from you, there is something. And that something is so close that you can feel its breath on your tent wall... In a moment it’s gone and finally you can get out, put your naked feet in dewy grass and what a surprise– you were woken up by a doe!

Actually, it’s a real story of how my dad was frightened in the early morning after the summer solstice celebration a few summers ago. :)

My country, my Latvia, is small country. We are 3 million people, and a lot of them move away. But for me it is the most beautiful place. Only here can I see wonderful green forests, rich meadows and a stormy sea. Yet nature is not the only thing that we have here– I just watched a movie about Latvians, who won first place in a European Basketball Championship. It is home to the engineer who invented devices to split kidney stones. Nowadays, Latvians create unique products like amber thread, which some day could become an artificial blood vessel.

I am proud of my country and all this week I celebrate Latvia’s birthday- it is 95 years old now, just like an old grandma. 
To celebrate the holiday, I have taken some photos...

I hope I have introduced you to Latvia a little bit, so let me tell you something about me now!
My day job is as an IT project coordinator in Latvia’s biggest telecommunications company and I don’t have a lot of free time. But when I do have a spare moment, I choose to take photos, cook, or (my biggest passion at the moment) – silk painting. I have painted on silk since high school, and probably my silk art teacher will always be my role model.

Now that I have grown up, I try to work, paint and even to write my blog! Sometimes I feel like I enjoy too many things. I collect postcards, I love snail mail, I love chocolate, I have almost a hundred earrings,  I can’t pass by a book shop, so I have a huge reading nook with unread books, but more than anything I love to buy old things with soul.

Or travel – I could travel all my life. I have been to a lot of European countries and one day I hope to travel around the word. Each year after returning from my trips, I realize that the most beautiful place is your home. I hope that everyone feels the same love for their home, town, or country as I feel for my little Latvia.

To that end, here is a quote from an old Latvian song - A little too small to let her go / In World's spacious roads / Too small to let go / I stand up and follow.

 Don’t let go of your life, go with it!

Thanks, Zane! I really want to visit, now...forests + sea is a win in my book!
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