A Thanksgiving Nail Files

Happy turkey day, everyone! I'm a fan of practicing daily gratitude (and not recognizing the *ahem* "historic" basis for the holiday), so I thought I'd add in some gratitude with this Nail Files post.

I'm grateful for:
My family, Fedora (and his patience, common sense, and constant love), my friends, my blog buddies, my relatively good health, my depth of passion/interest (even though it means a lot of hobbies all the time), having a safe place to live and good food and access to clean water, living in a country that has unemployment benefits, every employer in the past who has hired me (even the bad ones), the chance to volunteer for organizations I believe in, indoor plumbing, salt, opportunities, warmth (especially indoor heating), books, the option to start my own business, and coffee.

 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg

Julep's Faye and Julep's Karmen
(1 coat of Faye, with "feathered" lightly-applied tips in Karmen)

(I should have taken a photo in the sunlight, but the glimmer aspects of Faye only appear when I use a camera flash. Harumph!)

I am digging Karmen a lot...she's sparkly red/gold/orange, very fiery. Great choice, Alison!

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