Carabox Reveal

Cara Box

I signed up for the Fall Carabox over at Wifessionals, because I'm insane sometimes a girl's gotta swap.

Swapoween is all about Halloween, and I love it, but I was excited to also participate in a swap that I'm not co-hosting (which is a lot more work than you think it'd be).

For the Carabox, we swap in round-robin style. So I mailed a package to the adorable Tienna, and I got a package from the hilarious Carly.

Both are fantastic bloggers with fun material, so I'll wait here a minute while you go check them out.
Go on, it's OK.
See what I mean? Fab.

Now then....on to the goodies!

Box o' stuff!

Coffee, chocolate, a fantastic cider-scented candle, Fall-print dish towel, 3 gorgeous ceramic pumpkins, Essie "Don't Sweater It" nail polish, a cute turkey dish, spiderweb socks, Autumnal cookie cutters, and an adorable owl card.

I loved all of it...but these guys were my total fav. This is a prime example of something I love, but would never buy for myself (being unemployed, I can't justify spending money on decorations, when I could use it for rent, food, etc). They're currently on my mantle as the centerpiece of my Fall decorations!

Thank you so much, Carly! The chocolate is already gone (always a delight, chocolate), I can't stop huffing that cider candle, I'm plotting chai-spiced sugar cookies with those cookie did a brilliant job of finding fantastically fun stuff for me. 

The Pinot Project

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