Friday Confessional


Well here I am, already breaking one of my own November goals by posting seven times this week, but I have news to share.

I confess...
I got a freelance, temporary job for the next 3 weeks.

I confess...
This may have unseen consequences on my blog, primarily with regard to responding to comments and visiting your blogs.
Please be patient with me as I adjust to a new schedule!

I confess...
This news was all the motivation I needed to attend The Endless Knot warehouse sale and blow my budget.
(but only when they actually have size 16)

I confess...
I can't summon much guilt about it, because I scored the most amazing skirt that has a hanging bag, is reversible, and even unzips from the built-in belt part of it, so basically it's 4 skirts in 1. It's bizarre and amazing.
(this is it! Mine is in purples and blues, though)

I confess...
I really hope this means that folks around here are perking up and hiring copywriters. I'm very good at my job (usually so good that I work myself OUT of a job within a year) and I would love to live above the poverty level.