Novels in November: Tooth and Nail

Synopsis according to Goodreads:
"Gemma Fae Cross, a tough-girl amateur boxer whose fiance is running for congress, has just made a startling discovery about herself. She is half faerie - and not just any faerie, but a tooth faerie. A hybrid of fae and human, Gemma is destined to defend the Olde Way and protect the fae - who are incapable of committing violence - from threats to their peaceful and idyllic way of life, which must be maintained by distilling innocence collected from children''s baby teeth. But when a threat to the fae mission emerges, Gemma is called upon to protect her heritage, and become a legendary fae warrior... even if it means sacrificing everything she knows about being human."

I wanted to like Tooth and Nail- the premise sounded original, and I love the concept of a female protagonist who is a boxer. Unfortunately, the story was filled with a distracting amount of inconsistencies in both the mythology and the characters. 

I stuck with it until the bitter end, on the desperate hope that it'd all come together...but eventually it just spiraled into ridiculousness. The decent guy was vilified to excuse bad decisions with a guy initially described as unattractive and then suddenly catnip for the main character, whose daddy issues kept being 'dealt with' and 'over' only to become a constant hobble to humanize her. I felt like the author gave up halfway through the book and didn't bother to keep her facts straight. 

I don't recommend this book. It's not horrible, but there are so many other great books out there it seems a shame to waste time on unpolished freshman ones.

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