40th Birthday Party from Birthday in a Box

Do you know someone who is having a 40th birthday party coming up? I do. TWO of them. 
And although everyone loves the Over the Hill stuff (isn't that 50th??), I balk at hunting down 'old man' paraphernalia and finding some theme for their birthday parties.

Luckily, Birthday in a Box has me covered!

With different themes, personalization options, zany add-ons, and practical items (including tableware), they supply everything you need for birthday parties. And it's dirt cheap. I'm talking nothing over $17-- most things under $5

When you hit a milestone like turning 40 years old, I think you deserve a ridiculously fun party, with streamers and honeycomb balls and bunting. Not age-shaming.

So I was thrilled to try out Birthday in a Box's 40th birthday party "The Party Continues" decor.


The kit costs $10 and includes: two table centerpieces, four cutouts to hang on the wall, a sign, two honeycomb tissue paper balls, and a paper garland. Talk about making the room festive! And with the purple/turquoise color scheme it's gender-neutral....AND there's enough neon there to be a fun '80's flashback.

The tissue paper items are, of course, delicate. But everything arrived as advertised, intact (despite my postman cutting open the package), and brilliantly colorful.

I love that Birthday in a Box has such a wide selection of kid, adult, and holiday party themed goodies. It's like a party supply store, but less expensive and I don't have to drive to it. 

And the fact that I found party decor in the favorite colors of BOTH my soon-to-be-40 friends, that was very affordable and is reusable? Is genius.

I received the above product in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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