December Ipsy & BB5

After seeing how much fun you all were having with subscription boxes, I decided to get my own! I went with Ipsy ($10/month total, makeup, full sizes) and Beauty Box 5 ($12/month or less, hair/skin care products + makeup, full and sample sizes). Both offer exclusive partner discounts and free shipping.

Ipsy allows some personalization of the products, and encourages active feedback on products (including brand, product type, and color/shade). BB5 will hopefully do that in the future, they're in a beta test for accounts right now. But both are definitely well worth the price!

Last month, my Ipsy (my first one) was disappointing: the Galaxy Chic eyeshadow that was supposed to be in there was not, the lippy they sent me was red (I have too many reds) and nude (I don't wear nude), and everything about it was far, far more glamorous than I ever wear.
This month, though, they were spot-on. 

The theme: Celebration
The Bag: Gorgeous clutch, black & textured
Included: Nicka K "Ripe Apple" nail polish, POP Beauty "Bright Up Your Life" eyeshadow palette in Naturally Bare, Galaxy Chic eyeshadow in Asteroid (replacement for last month- yay!), Be A Bombshell "The One Stick" in Sunset, J.Cat Beauty "Big Lip Pencil" in Caramel Mocha, and Mirabella "Eye Blender" brush

Nicka K polish - A nice consistency and bright red...look for it in this week's Nail Files!

POP eyeshadow - I have plenty of neutrals, and this product contains talc and parabens, which irritate sensitive skin. So I won't be using it.

Galaxy Chic eyeshadow - Asteroid is mixed copper and blue in the palette, but comes across as a sort of purple-brown-champagne color. Not sure if I love it or hate it. What do you think?

The One Stick - The color is probably too pink for my lips, and it may melt right off my eyes, but look how adorable it is as a blush! A little bit goes a long way with may last me forever.

J.Cat lip pencil - It's more of a pink than I'd normally wear. Sort of a nude-ish pink. I'll probably only use it to layer over others. I do like the smooth consistency and application, though.

Mirabella brush - Soft bristles, a looooong handle, and enough weight that I can balance it easily between fingers without feeling like it needs a death grip? Brilliant!

Beauty Box 5

I've been consistently happy with BB5 (this is my second one as well). They have a good blend of beauty products and skincare products, and they are spot-on with shades (which is amazing, since there isn't any preference I can set, they don't have a pic of me, etc).

The theme: Naughty and Nice
Included: NYX "Love in Rio" eyeshadow palette in Fuego, Body Drench moisturizing lotion, Ofra Cosmetics "Sultry Lipgloss Plumper", Clean & Clear "Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer", and Every Beauty "Flexible Foot Smoother"

The only item I can't/won't use is the foot smoother, as I have plenty of those already. 

NYX eyeshadow - I was excited to try it, given the gorgeous wine-stain burgundy there, and the fact they were matte. Yay matte! These shades are super subtle. Here's what they look like, on me:
 (with flash) (without flash)

Ofra lippy - First off, this is basically a lipstick; thick, not sticky, solid color. And it has shimmer but not the 'wet lip' look that drives me bonkers. And did I mention it isn't sticky? LOVE this.

Body Drench lotion - This was slippery smooth, smelled very clean like a day spa and fresh laundry, and worked well. I moisturize my hands constantly throughout the day (dry skin + winter = ouch), and this was a great one to have, even though it's only a sample size.

Clean & Clear moisturizer - It's a gel with decent moisturizing ability and a slight minty tingle. I'm always nervous to put products with unintelligible words on my face, but my skin seemed OK with it.

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