Friday Confessional: Christmas Spirit


I confess...
For whatever reason, the Christmas mood hit me before Thanksgiving arrived. This almost never happens (usually, the spirit hits a week before Christmas, or not at all).

I confess...
I have been listening to the Christmas Rock station on Pandora for a solid week now...whenever Fedora isn't home. Fedora is not a big fan of Christmas.

I confess...
I also spent a day wrapping presents, and a day decorating the mantle.
I inherited a number of antiques from my grandmother. Inside this clever blue silk bag is a handwritten note from her, clarifying that this lace sewing project-in-progress belonged to my grandmother's great aunt. That puts it roughly 1880.

This gorgeous black silk ladies bag has roses printed on it. I assumed, by it's excellent condition, it was newer. Then it started disintegrating when I opened it. Yikes!
Inside, very delicate crochet (or lace?) also from around the 1880's.

Thoroughly modern wine box that I use on the end table.

Heirloom brass candlesticks that haven't held a candle in decades.

The long view of the mantles, before Fedora cleverly moved the oil lamps to a more central position.

The blue silk bag, an antique nosegay holder. an antique leather sewing pouch (with antique needles and thread inside!), and 1950's-era tree decorations.

That blue silk bag (tied shut), my great-grandmother's riding gloves (one of several pairs she had...the woman's hands were downright petite!), that black silk bag that's now falling apart...

A closer look at the lace-in-progress from the black bag, as well as the beautiful ornament my swap partner of 2012 gave me.

Aaaand the boots. I don't know which ancestor these came from, but they're tiny and at least from the 1890's.

I honestly have no idea what this "pillow" is. It's very stiff and from the same era....a pincushion, maybe? Apparently I come by my craftiness genetically. 

What about you? Have you decorated for the holidays yet?

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