Pure Yogi Product Review + Giveaway

I love Yoga.
Not doing yoga....the clothes.
What other fitness program makes it fashionable to hang out in what are essentially very comfy PJs?
That, my friends, is something we can all get behind.

What else can we get behind? An environmentally-friendly Yoga equipment company that carries soft, pretty, soft, affordable, soft organic cotton & bamboo clothing, with a Blogger Program of their own.

I'm talking about Pure Yogi!

And about their pretty, pink (did I mention soft) Alternative Apparel Sweatshirt.

For the record, I wouldn't call this a sweatshirt (which brings to mind bulky layering tops). You can sweat it in (comfortably, I'm sure) but it's thin enough and soft enough to be a long-sleeved shirt (like a raglan). It's warmer than it first appears, given how light it is....but this is not a sweatshirt.

I was a bit concerned about how the XL would fit (there are 0 plus-size models on this website), but I didn't need to worry- it's got a fitted band at the bottom to keep the top from riding up, but it's not too snug. The sleeve length is perfect, and it fits my boobs and belly just fine, without hugging anything. The neckline is a little wide for my taste, but it's not in danger of showing bra strap or anything.

And it's a pretty cheerful shade of pink.

What's nice about PureYogi is that you can find not just apparel (and some really cute stuff, too, like the  Tripple Flowing Tee and Dash Pullover) but mats, blocks, eye pillows, baby outfits, bath salts, and more. It's like a shop for zen!

But don't take my word for it....enter to win a product from their Blogger Giveaway program, and see for yourself:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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