Review Extravaganza: And That Bring Us To...

I started my (hopefully monthly) habit of decorating the house and mantle.

I started the process of volunteering for the Fort Nisqually Living History Museum.
I went fly fishing with Dad...twice!

I co-hosted the Swapoween...which was AWESOME.
Mom and I went to Leavenworth to escape a week of dense fog in Seattle. And it was gorgeous!

I hosted a giveaway for a one-of-a-kind edition of my own published graphic novel, PhantasmaGloria.
Halloween! I dressed up for D&D with friends.

I got a 3-week temp job, that was a nice boost to the ego.
I co-hosted the Guest Post Swap, which was fun and free but also resulted in our highest number of flakers to date.
I decorated the house in the theme of Fall and Thanksgiving.

I shared the easiest dessert recipe ever, sure to wow your lime-loving pals!
Fedora and I saw Jackie Kashian at a local comedy club. She's hilarious!
I inundated you all with book reviews, posted them every Fri, Sat, and Sun throughout the month.

I learned how to crochet!

Luckily, I got a fab package through the Cara Box swap (which is now only open to those with an Instagram account and a desire to post daily, so it was my last Cara Box swap ever).

I sent out 10 boxes of gift donations to strangers in need of a little cheer, once again blowing my Christmas budget. Note to self: budget for altruism
I co-hosted the 12 Days of Christmas swap.
I decorated for Christmas, being struck with the Christmas spirit pretty early on this year.

I participated in the Secret Santa RAK and the Enchanted Book Exchange.
I paid off my last Sallie Mae college loan debt!
I announced Printcess, and moved heaven and earth to get the website live.

I crocheted my wee bum off!
I was House Manager and Usher for TNP's Miracle on 34th Street.
I mailed 45 Christmas cards to friends and family around the globe.
We got our first (and hopefully not last) snow.

My Goals for 2014
To make Printcess successful enough that I can pay rent, bills, and buy groceries, since nobody wants to hire me.
To be the best bridesmaid I can possibly be, for my brother's May wedding.
To make more handmade gifts for swaps, holidays, and birthdays.
To be a bit more houseproud- decorate the mantle monthly, clean more often, maybe even put stuff on the walls (finally) in an effort to make it cozier.
To be better about saving money (I relaxed during and after the summer, and I need to get back in to the habit of being a tightwad).
To read 30+ books, primarily from my overloaded bookshelf.
To travel/camp/fish more, especially this summer, as Fedora and I keep talking about doing.

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