Review Extravaganza: The First 3

I hosted the first of a record 42 giveaways this year (I'll aim for that many next year, but not sure I can pull it off).
I stopped working out after Jillian Michaels kicked my butt into injury.

I co-hosted the ever-fun Books 'n' Bloggers swap
I learned how to make crepes, and crepe cake, and YUM.

I managed to save a month's worth of rent and bills for myself, somehow.
Fedora and I, both unemployed, stayed at home and played Fable 3 on the Xbox360 a lot. And drank a lot of tea.
It frosted, instead of snowing. Bah humbug!

I participated in yet another book swap, because I am a book drunkard.
I co-hosted the Sweethearts Swap, which ended up a bit floppy due to lack of interest.

I continued to be unemployed, drink tea, and play video games.
I called bullshit on the "curvy girls are sexier than skinny girls" meme floating around
Fat Joe hacked my blog....again.

I hit over 300 followers
I shared my hard-won wisdom on saving money
Things thawed enough for my tulips, roses, and misc flowers to start popping out.

I joined the Lucky Leprechaun swap....'cuz I'm a swap whore
I started auditioning for plays, deciding that I might as well have fun acting if I wasn't going to be able to get a job. So I got some headshots done!

I told you about Kiva micro financing
I accepted the position as Volunteer Coordinator for Twelfth Night Productions

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