Review Extravaganza: Springish 2013

I co-hosted the Mug o' Comfort swap
I participated in the Covert Robin swap
I started the garden.

I shared a lot of carb-o-licious recipes
I told you more about Fat Joe
I joined the Cara Box swap for the first time (hrm. Maybe I have a swap problem?)
My tulips exploded, despite being hassled by a possum shortly after planting. Huzzah!

Fedora got a job! I auditioned for, and got into, "Guys & Dolls". And I decided to start up Printcess.

I started participating in The Nail Files, as an excuse to play with polish.
I gave you some ideas on alternative healthy foods to substitute.
Our garlic, green onions, and bok choy came up!

I shared an easy DIY Body Butter craft.
I imagined up what Shoe Lust Saturday heels different animated characters would wear.
Fedora and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary (of dating). Please ignore my smoochy face below...I have the most ridiculous camel smoochy face ever.

I co-hosted the Itty Bitty Beauty Swap.
Fat Joe said hello.

I started doing Eye Spy features, as an excuse to play with mineral eye shadows.
I co-hosted another Books 'n' Bloggers swap
I started rehearsals for Guys & Dolls. It was a lot of fun, and I loved everyone involved in it (who were talented, funny, fun, and generous). However, it sucked up SO much of my time in June and July that I basically didn't see Fedora or any friends for 10 weeks straight.

I shared a DIY lovedy dovey XOXO Framed Craft
I invited you all over for some wine
I dreamed up what Shoe Lust Saturday heels the Greek gods and goddesses would wear

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