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As a gal who loves red wine, especially malbecs, pinot noirs, chianti, and barberras, but is pretty much the sole consumer of wine in the house, I'm a from-the-bottle gulper. I pair red wine with just about anything I make, because I'm of the philosophy that when you want wine, you should have wine.

And although I attend tastings in the Tri-Cities, WA with my dad (also a wine lover/investor), I only rarely get a really nice bottle to enjoy (owing to the poverty and all...pretty much I get nice wine only when someone gives me nice wine). And then I'm paranoid about not wasting the deliciousness.

So instead of opening and decanting a bottle, I basically rush it. It's a disservice to the wine, I know, but if the alternative is having to empty it down the sink because it's gone to vinegar....well.
I was pleasantly surprised to learn about VinoVinti, which removes carbon dioxide from wine (in seconds!), thus mellowing the flavor and extending the life of an open bottle of vino. I've seen drops that do this, but I'm always nervous that adding something to my wine will hinder the full flavor profile. VintoVinti doesn't have that, as it vacuum pumps the nucleated CO2 bubbles out of the wine. It's basically like a decanter and aerator in function, but faster and more effective than either of those.


So what does removing CO2 do for the wine? It decreases the tannin flavor (the harsh acidic bite), enriches the flavor by opening up the wine's full profile, improves the mouthfeel of the wine, and does it all in 20-30 seconds.

Check it out:

And it's pretty affordable! And requires no batteries or charging, so it's not going to wear down after a few uses. That makes it an excellent Christmas gift for you, or the wine lover on your gifting list. Check out VinoVinti on Facebook to learn more, and visit VinoVinti to purchase one today!

**Please drink responsibly, and as always, only drink is you are at least 21 years old or older**
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