WWTK: Favorites

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1. What is your favorite warm beverage? 
Coffee! With a dash of almond milk. 

(source: Three Scoops)

2. What is your favorite color? 
It used to be teal (and any mix of blue and green), but lately I've been drawn to dark peacock-y teal, mint green, and Tiffany's blue. An odd grouping, but all three make me stop and purr.

(source: Tiffany's & Co., cheap neckties, Broke and Beautiful)

3. What is your favorite quality about yourself? 
My persistence. I'm not mule-headed (er, often), but if something needs to happen I will make sure it happens, regardless. I under-valued this trait until this second year of unemployment hit...and now I see that I couldn't have made this year good without it.
(source: quickmeme.com)

4. What is your favorite thing about the holidays? 
How they inspire people to be a little bit kinder, more patient, and more generous. I love that community spirit that descends this time of year!
(source: ylakeland.com)

5. What is the best book you've ever read? 
That's like picking a favorite child! I will say, though, that Madeleine L'Engle and Piers Anthony sparked my love of reading, as a child. If you have kids, please, encourage them to read those authors!
(source: http://www.madeleinelengle.com/)