Literary Friday: The Fairy Godmother

Synopsis according to Goodreads:
"In the land of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, if you can't carry out your legendary role, life is no fairy tale....

Elena Klovis was supposed to be her kingdom's Cinderella -- until fate left her with a completely inappropriate prince! Determined not to remain with her stepfamily, Elena set out to get a new job -- and ended up becoming the Fairy Godmother for the land. But breaking with "The Tradition" was no easy matter. True, she didn't have to sleep in the chimney, but she had to deal with arrogant, stuffed-shirt princes who kept trying to rise above their place in the tale. In fact, one of them was so ornery that Elena could do nothing but change him into a donkey.

Still, her practical nature couldn't let him roam the country, so she brought the donkey -- er, the prince! -- home to her cottage to teach him some lessons. All the while keeping in mind that breaking with tradition can land everyone into a kettle of fish -- sometimes literally!

And so begins a whole new tale...

I started The Fairy Godmother because I needed a break during this dreary weather. I'm not a big fan of romance (or I should say, I'm VERY picky about what I think makes for a good romance novel), but I've read a lot of fairytale retellings this year. And I'm familiar with Mercedes Lackey. And I love the color on the cover.

Well, I should have gone with my gut (which generally says, if the author's name is larger than the title, don't pick it up). It's not that The Fairy Godmother was bad. Just boring and predictable.

I thought the concept was well thought out, of Godmothers and the quests and challenges. And there were some tongue-in-cheek medieval fantasy romance nods. But overall, I had a hard time getting through the book because I didn't feel compelled to care at all about the characters. 

I think it could have been more fun and had some better intrigue and tension, given the plethora of good ideas here. But, for me, the "will they or won't they" in a romance falls flat (of COURSE they will), and there wasn't much to surprise me with.

I recommend this only for fans of romance, especially fairytale/medieval fantasy romance.

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