Skinny Jane Weight Loss Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

There's a new weight loss company afoot, SkinnyJane. It was founded by personal trainer Steve Pickering (always interesting to me when a man founds a weight loss program aimed toward women), and includes ZERO calorie counting or diet-food-eating. It also promises no plateau, which is such a frustrating problem it has made me drop weight loss programs before.

SkinnyJane calls it a "challenge", not a diet, which is kind of awesome. The products consist of SkinnyBlend (a shake with 7 proteins, to keep you powered for 4 hours, at only 100 calories to boost your metabolism), SkinnyBurn (fat burning supplement that contains Raspberry Ketones and 8 other ingredients to boost metabolism and curb appetite), SkinnyCleanse (a supplement designed to gently flush toxins out of your system), and tracking, motivational, and "map" guides to keep you on track and excited.

SkinnyJane's regular products are a 28-day and an 8-week challenge, and they promise a 5-10 lbs. weight loss in week 1. I had a chance to try a one-week sample of SkinnyJane, and since this is the time of New-Year's-Weight-Loss resolutions, I wanted to share my results with you all.
(Keep in mind, it was only 1 week, so I didn't expect ANY weight loss to occur)

Day 1 ~
+ Chocolate shake (with almond milk instead of skim milk) yielded no bizarre chemical taste, dissolved easily and fully (thank goodness), has very mild chocolate flavor.
+ My guts erm....(how to say this politely?) emptied themselves pretty rapidly, minutes after drinking the shake. A side effect of the product? Or of starting my period today? (it never rains but it pours).
+ SO hungry. Lunch lasted about an hour and a half for me.

Day 2 ~
+ Banana shake smells like fake banana, tastes like nothing.
+ Thank goodness I like green tea! Still hungry, but it helps.

Day 3 ~
+ Guts still upset. This is very inconvenient.
+ Surprisingly, Vanilla shake was delicious! By far the best of the bunch.
+ I don't feel like the Cleanse pills are doing anything (but then, I've never felt like detoxing did anything for me).

Day 4 ~
+ Strawberry tastes like candy, not fruit. Still, not a chemical taste and better than banana.
+ Guts are finally starting to calm down. Sheesh.
+ Eating small portion, high-protein, evenly-spaced meals is becoming less of a hassle.
+ I cheated at dinner and didn't follow their meal plan. :/

Day 5 ~
+ I can't believe Vanilla is my favorite flavor. Delicious, but I'm usually so anti-vanilla....
+ Did I say my guts had settled down? HA. Maybe this stuff has a lot of soy in it??
+ Damnit, forgot to take Cleanse pills again!

Day 6 ~
+ It occurs to me I'm not hungry between my shake and lunchtime anymore.
+ If I did this for a month, I'd get the Chocolate AND Vanilla shake and try mixing half and half.
+ I cheated and skipped dinner, after getting sick this afternoon. I'm amazed to say I wasn't hungry.

Day 7 ~
+ I'm almost going to miss this. The SkinnyBurn, water, and shake within 60 minutes of waking were nice, and I think my body liked it.
+ I will enjoy the return to carbs, though.

Starting weight: 193.5
Ending weight: 192.0
Lost 1.5 lbs in 7 days

Overall, I think SkinnyJane works. The high-protein, restricted portion size, and no-carb meal plan definitely makes you drop pounds, but the combination of that with appetite suppressants (pills and green tea) is what helps you get through without feeling constantly hungry.

I think it would be a good program to use for 1-3 months, while you transition to a regular exercise program (and while your body adjusts to the meal plans, and your eyes adjust to smaller portions). I'm not sure how effective it would be beyond that, but how nice to drop a lot of weight and feel cleaner at the beginning of a weight loss/exercise plan.

Want to learn more about SkinnyJane? Check out their twitter and facebook pages.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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