Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Nail Files: Polish as a Stele

Yet more nail looks inspired by this week's Literary Friday book!
OK, I've FINALLY gotten the movie from the library (though not worked up the courage to read beyond the first 3 books in the series).
Thoughts on the movie coming soon...
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A different rune for each nail! I use Stripe Rite, but the brush lacks the angle to make those gorgeous, calligraphy-meets-kanji marks as well as hoped for.

In good news, nail-art-wise, my brushes and dotting tools should be arriving around Feb 1st.
(Ulta "Oh!", Julep "Cleopatra", and Stripe Rite in gold)


  1. It's been a while since I read the book (the first one) but... City of Bones, right?? ;)

    You do such a great job with your nails. I got a nail art pen for Christmas from a friend, and did my first attempt at fancying up my nails. I painted them a deep fuchsia and tried to hand-draw on snowflakes with my white pen... not half-bad on the left hand, but the right hand was terrible. lol!

  2. Very cool! What a fun way to incorporate what you're reading!

    aka Bailey

  3. I Googled City of Bones and runes as I'm not familiar with the book. Very cool!

    1. I definitely recommend it (or the first 3 books, anyway). :)

  4. *squee* I knew what they were before I read about them!!! This is so flipping' cool…I'm emailing a link to my girls! :D

    You rock!

    Are you watching the game tomorrow afternoon? Trip is so excited. Our friends we stayed with in NO during Christmas put their 14 foot Christmas tree on their front porch and painted it black and gold. They crack me up!

    1. LOL! No, no TV coverage means no live football game. But I'll be holding my breathe tomorrow that the 'Hawks keep going all the way. :D

  5. I'm obsessed with this series!! You're combining my two favourite things: nails and books!!! I've just ordered this set after watching the movie first. I remember the internet FREAKING OUT when it came out, saying how bad it was, but since I really liked it, I figured that I'd be obsessed with the books. Haha! Started the first one last night and I foresee more than a few sleepless nights in my future because the set I ordered has the first five! Haha!!

    Love what you were able to do with the runes here! COME ON FEBRUARY!!!


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