Wino Wednesday: Wrong Wrong Wrong


Although I need wine more these days, I've been drinking less (budgeting my wine consumption, as it were). But I had to share what I believe is the wrongiest wrong wrong wine thing ever.
(Yes, wrongiest is a word now. That's what the English degree was for- the power to make new words)

That is, in fact, Almond Roca Cream wine.
Wine, based on a milk version of a popular toffee/chocolate/nut confection.
Wine, designed to taste like sugar.

Look. Almond roca is tasty (hell, it's made in Tacoma, and Fedora's grandma makes the best almond roca ever). But it's dessert. 
Wine is a delightful beverage made from grapes.
It is supposed to taste like wine.
Chardonnay, Barbera, Syrah, Fume's supposed to taste. like. WINE.

If you want booze that tastes like almond roca, try syrup with vodka and cream, or any of the girly flavored-vodka lines. 
But Brown & Haley, leave wine alone. Let it be the complex, demanding mistress that it is. Stop perverting our beloved beverage with your sugary artificial nastiness of marketing.

(and speaking of sins against alcohol, can we all agree that watermelon tastes like water and beer shouldn't?)